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匡湖居 - Marina Cove

SAI KUNG Ref No.: 025377
Enjoy breathtaking sea views from every level of the house, creating a serene and picturesque living environment.
This house has undergone a tasteful and stylish renovation, ensuring a modern and appealing interior design that enhances the overall ambiance.
The house is situated in a gated community, providing an extra layer of security and exclusivity for residents.
The property boasts a spacious garden, offering ample space for outdoor activities, gardening, and relaxation. The private gate adds an additional level of privacy and control over access to the garden.
With five bedrooms, including three en-suite bathrooms. The extra helper room offers flexibility for various needs, such as a utility room or space for domestic staff.
With its brand new condition, stunning sea views, tasteful renovation, gated community, spacious garden with a private gate, and well-designed bedroom layout, this village house presents a truly exceptional living opportunity.
5 3

Gross Area (sq. ft.): 2100 sq.ft.@11190
For Sale: HKD 23.5M
SAI KUNG Ref No.: 001967
The house is situated in a peaceful and serene environment, providing a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
Enjoy the refreshing view of open greenery surrounding the property, adding a natural and scenic element to the surroundings.
The house has been diligently maintained, ensuring that it is in good condition and ready for immediate occupancy.
The property features a spacious garden with a swimming pool, offering ample outdoor space for various activities and a refreshing pool for relaxation and leisure.
With four rooms, including one en suite, the house provides comfortable living spaces. Additionally, there is an extra helper room that can be used for various purposes or as accommodation for domestic staff.
This house combines convenience, tranquility, and a well-maintained environment with its open greenery view, spacious garden with a swimming pool, and carefully designed room layout.
4 3

Gross Area (sq. ft.): 2100 sq.ft.@13714
For Sale: HKD 28.8M
HKD 33.3M
SAI KUNG Ref No.: 007709
The property is situated in a prestigious location, indicating its prominence and desirability.
The property is a corner detached villa, providing privacy and a sense of exclusivity.
The property is surrounded by greenery, offering a serene and natural ambiance.
Residents can enjoy breathtaking sea views from every floor of the villa, adding to its allure and providing a constant connection to the ocean.
The property is managed to a high standard, ensuring excellent service, maintenance, and security for residents.
A communal pool is available for residents to enjoy, providing a refreshing and luxurious space for relaxation and recreation.
The villa comprises four bedrooms, including two en-suite bedrooms, offering privacy and comfort. Additionally, there is a helper room to accommodate domestic staff.
4 3

Saleable Area (sq. ft.): 2114 sq.ft.@16792
Gross Area (sq. ft.): 2568 sq.ft.@13823
For Sale: HKD 35.5M
CLEAR WATER BAY Ref No.: 008275
This house offers a waterfront location with exceptional privacy, allowing residents to enjoy their own secluded oasis.
The house features a sturdy and spacious terrace that overlooks a historical village, providing a picturesque view and a charming ambiance.
The interior of the house showcases a stylish and practical designer decor, combining aesthetics with functionality for a comfortable living experience.
The house boasts a stunning open kitchen design, complemented by an optional sliding glass partition that offers flexibility in creating separate spaces as desired.
With five bedrooms, including one en-suite, this house provides ample accommodation options. Additionally, there is a helper room that can be utilized for various purposes.
This waterfront house offers a combination of privacy, stunning views, stylish decor, and well-designed rooms that create an exceptional living experience.
5 3

Gross Area (sq. ft.): 2100 sq.ft.@16571
For Sale: HKD 34.8M
HKD 43.8M
For Rent: HKD 85K
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: 匡湖居 - Marina Cove
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